BFCM CBD by Kore Organics and Hemp Flower Bud

Go for the GREEN! 

If you haven't tried the Chakra Cush, Space Candy flower bud and you have tried other forms of CBD, what are you waiting for?  This premium flower bed is sold for research purposes, raw material for creating oils, gummies, etc.  Or just keep it in its natural state as attended.  By far the most effective forms of CBD and hemp based products.  We are running a CRAZY offer starting sometime between Friday afternoon and cyber monday.  First 50 orders of 1/4oz or more will enjoy 50% off - yes, we are litterally having a fire sale and hope to burn this one up!

What's new:  the 525X 35count Twin Cherry Jars!  No more little 7 or 8 packs! Great deal + the same offer of buy on and get one 50% off of equal or lesser value.  Includes all CBD products and accessories so be sure to check out our stealth mod, and disposable vape pens.

We ship very discrete for a small charge. Option available upon requestChakra Corner Cush buds - CBD Hemp Flower Bud - it's lab tested and send discretely.