BFCM Productivity level 1000!

Kill it this season with the core compounds that get your rear in gear!

We put together several sick bundles!

#1 Extendo Jerry includes 20 Grams pure Adrafinil, Caffeiene + L-theanine, and Noopept.  This one is built for the long run, it's potent, and perfect for family gatherings as you will be able to seamlessly navigate anything from extended

The nootropic combo of adrafinil, noopept, caffeine + L-theanine, and more

cooking and entertaining tasks and even the dreaded inevitable interactions with the most boring of family members.  You know the ones, conversations that illicit no more than one to two word responses, suck the social life out of you while you think of the perfect transition to escape these party killers!  We got you covered!