BFCM Spouce Survival Pack

This special package was  created for our great customers looking to add a little spark in the bedroom. 

No reason to risk life and limb on black Friday, shop at home and order this limited time special bundle for a very very nice evening.  Our aphrodisiac package includes Icariin, Yohimbine, and 99% PURE Melatonin powder.  This climatic

Icariin and yohimbine hcl known for stimulating and aphrodisiac effects.  Do it!

combo is an energizing boost and libido acccelerator and the soothing effects of pure melatonin for when it's time to relax and get all snuggled up.  Be sure to follow serving suggestions and consult a physcian before starting any supplement stack.  This is important!  We've done our research and it's clear we know how to have a good time and make stacks but we are not medical professionals. 

**These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA (this is actually good in most cases because their "FDA approved" cosmetic and food additives are outrageously unhealthy).  All jokes aside we appreciate their service and I am sure they actually add value, I think? Maybe do something in regulated manner that creates guidelines?  I'm not sure because they haven't sent me my requested posters.  We will have a special in a few days on that :)