Peanut Butter CBD Dog Biscuits

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Treat your dog to an All-Natural light and crunchy treat, while providing them with the incredible benefits of Full Spectrum CBD.  

Our treats are hand made from scratch.  There are no preservatives, no fillers, no corn-wheat-soy, and no by-products of any kind.  

Our CBD Biscuits can help your dog with the following:
Anxiety and Stress, Moderate to severe pain, Chronic inflammation, Arthritis & Joint pain, seizures, Digestions issues, Nausea, Symptoms from cancer, and so much more.  

Our Peanut Butter CBD Dog Biscuits contain the following fine ingredients: 
Rice Flour, Peanut Butter, Full Spectrum CBD, Vanilla, Water

Each package contains 25 treats with 2mg of Full Spectrum CBD infused in each treat.