Phenibut F.A,A. and HCL >99% Purity

We work hard to source quality and effective supplements.  Just because something is legal, does not mean it is safe or should be used irresponsibly.  We do not recommend taking any supplements without first talking to a doctor who is qualified and is informed of all things currently being consumed by a person.  This is extremely important as drug interactions can be deadly.  The safety of our customers is a value and a living part of our company's culture that goes beyond a frothy, feel-good statement one might see on the wall of a company or posted on the "about us" page of their website.  In fact, our transparency is what brings certain products to our lineup.  New "dietary supplements" are created every day and 99% of them are just another reconfiguration of a previous formula promising the world and delivering nothing.  Our products are much simpler.  When we find something that hits the mark, passes our tests, and feel that it will bring value and well-being to our customers, we source it, test it, and deliver.  

If it's controversial, we are not phased, A great example of one such product is Phenbut.  This has been around for quite some time and is a very powerful substance that acts as a GABA analog in the brain.  When someone consumes phenibut, it crosses the blood-brain barrier, it's been reported to have a calming sense of wellbeing. In the U.S. and throughout most of Europe, phenibut is an uncontrolled and unregulated substance, purchased online without a prescription.  This we like.

GABA receptors in the brain are responsible for imparting that sense of well-being and peace that many struggles to find in today's hustle and bustle world.  Unfortunately, people suffer and are unaware that there are alternatives.  These alternatives, like phenibut, must be used very cautiously and not on a daily basis.  When these receptors are activated, it acts very similar to benzodiazepine drugs like Xanax.  It's reported that Phenibut calms neural activity, creating a sense of relaxation and reducing anxiety.  Many people have claimed that this has greatly enhanced their social life and has changed their ability to interact and have fun in a group.  This is great news and we have also read reports they have fewer negative thoughts.  As such, taking phenibut more than twice a week can put you at risk and you should stop taking anything that has a negative effect immediately.  For now we will keep bringing your products to enhance your life and those around you.  STay Safe!