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Maeng Da, Power Panda #1 was our ori.  This is one of our most popular and you can expect a "fast" vibrant increase in mentally faculties as well physicality, increased productivity, increased energy levels,and a reduction in social anxiety (the right dose can make you quite chatty)!


Not just any kratom can be called Maeng Da. Those two words are reserved only for the best kratom and growers refer to Maeng Da as the best kratom around . Maeng Da (green) originates from Thailand and is known to be the strongest strain of kratom when used correctly.  The product is a vibrant light green color and is guaranteed fresh.


Since our official opening in May 2018, this particular strain has been one of the most sought after. The feedback has been very positive on this one and it is important to understand proper dosing techniques.  

1.  Usage Aroma Therapy:  I suggest starting small with a little over 2 grams which is equal to about a level teaspoon (if you do not have a scale).  After the initial dose, wait 30 minutes and adjust so add another gram and a half and you should start feeling the effects if you haven't yet.  It is also recommended to do this on an empty stomach so make sure you don't eat a huge breakfast before doing your kratom dose.  


There are a number of good sources about how to use Kratom online, including YouTube, and on dosage.